Sasha Levingston

hails from the South Side of Chicago. After losing her mother at the age of 12, she was forced to become the woman of the house. With a father who worked a lot of hours and a brother that was a typical boy, it left Sasha the responsibility of maintaining the home, doing all the cleaning, washing the clothes, and making sure my brother got up for school everyday. She became passionate about the art of cleaning and organization, which she inherited from her mom. Sasha always says “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” and has always been a cleaning machine and a person eager to learn more.  She prides herself on completing goals in a timely manner. After years of excelling in the corporate environment, she realized that she had the potential to be a great leader and build her own brand. She decided to turn her passion for cleaning and organization into a career. As a result, she is now able to offer services in cleaning, roofing/ vinyl siding remodeling, window cleaning interior/exterior. Trust JRL Cleaning we are a 5 Star Rated Cleaning Company across the Chicago area and surrounding suburbs. It isn’t just a job. It’s a passion. Not only do we clean we transform homes and businesses. 

We Stage, Organize and CLEAN!

JRL CLEANING has always strived to not only give you the best deep clean ever but we pride ourselves on the quality and standards of our cleaning. We are Nothing compared to the REGULAR MAIDS  because we are Professional Cleaners not maids. We service about a hour in and  a half out of the Chicago Area . We travel up to 60 miles in each direction. Our current clients are everyday people and Businesses that include Commercial, Residential, Construction, and Restaurant Owners. We meet there needs by making all of our appointments on time, disinfecting everything from top to bottom, providing Organization at its best, and the best clean GUARANTEED that you have ever experienced.

Founder | Sasha Levingston