1️⃣ “Top to bottom”- Most important rule of thumb when cleaning. Example: If there is a ceiling fan or light fixture hanging from the ceiling over a table, clean the light fixture first and then clean the table. Clean whatever object that is the highest up first. Ceiling fan, top of the curtains, and your four wall corners where spiders hide etc. 

2️⃣ “Always clean with sunlight”- Open your curtains and use sunlight to clean. Sunlight  shows you where all the dirt and dust is hiding.

3️⃣”Broom 🧹 and mop”- these items need to be changed every 2-3 months. It is not sanitary to use the same broom and mop for a long period of time. Broom and mop heads hold in dirt and germs.

4️⃣ “Toothbrush”- It is important to also change toothbrushes every 30-60 days. If you have had COVID-19, flu, cold or even sinus problems , CHANGE YOUR TOOTHBRUSH. You are putting the same germs and infection back into your mouth using the same toothbrush. 

5️⃣. When making your bed . Always shake one end of your sheet to knock off all dust before making your bed up. You’ll be able to see the dust particles falling off.

6️⃣ “Shoes off at the door when you enter your home”- Letting family and friends come into your home with shoes on that have walked everywhere outside is bringing in germs beyond COVID-19. This is  Unsanitary. IT IS A MUST THEY BE TAKEN OFF. Shoes are worn for outside not inside. 

7️⃣ “Kitchen” Clean while you cook.  Have your dish water made first so as you make dishes you can wash them and put them away so that way while your cooking you will prevent having dishes in your sink and NOT have a messy kitchen once you are done cooking. Clean all items that you use in preparation for cooking as you finish using them. This prevents dish pile up and a messy kitchen. Clean the counter tops and stove as you cook as well.  

8️⃣”Bathroom 🚽”- Leaving your toilet top down  will prevent your bathroom from smelling like a bathroom . Spraying smell good cleaning products  around your toilet will prevent hard dirt stains from happening and build up. 

9️⃣ “Clean the unseen”-  Make sure to clean under and behind all furniture and in every corner at least once a month to prevent rodents from having places to live and hide.

🔟 “ Disinfect”- Disinfect your door knobs and light switches at least twice a month to prevent you and your family from spreading germs all around